Today, New York-based indie-pop artist Cade Hoppe is releasing his debut EP, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It.’ Working with producer Harper James (of Eighty Ninety), Cade has created a stunning 5-track EP that hits the sweet spot between hazy indie-rock and catchy pop.

On ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It,’ Cade’s distinct baritone vocals deliver meaningful vignettes of love, loss, transition, and desire with lyrics that wade through a gamut of emotions and experiences: he explores the pain of wanting someone or something you can’t have (“Loverly High”), taking blind leaps of faith (“On My Way Down”), unrequited love (“Click Boom Run”), not knowing how to say goodbye (“Borrowed Time”), and learning to accept love from those who love you just as you are (“Afterparty”).

“At its core, ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It’ is about leaving behind what’s no longer good for you in order to find what is,” Cade explains of the EP’s concept. “Each of the five songs play a different role in that process and an important thing to note is that the story isn’t exactly linear, because in my experience, the process of leaving someone or something for the greener grass is always messy. Each song came together a little bit differently—there are songs that were written right in the heat of a feeling while there are others that are written with a little more perspective after the fact. Ultimately, this group of songs made the most sense because they perfectly describe a heavy period of transition in my life.”

Cade Hoppe may be a newcomer on the scene but with the release of ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It’ the 21-year-old singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist shows promise of becoming an indie-pop mainstay.

‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It’ Track List:
1. Loverly High
2. On My Way Down
3. Click Boom Run
4. Borrowed Time
5. Afterparty

Listen to ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It’ on all streaming platforms: