BVRGER flips Juvenal Maze’s 2019 success “She Just Wanna”

London-based artist Juvenal Maze entered the music scene in 2019 with his double-sin-
gle “She Just Wanna / In A Place”. The Trap-Soul influenced RnB-piece “She Just Wanna”

should go on to become a favourite with Juvenal’s Spotify following (specifically in Turkey)
collecting over 700.000 streams (while making roughly 3.000 streams a day up to this
Fellow SOULUVMUZIQ companion and artist-producer-songwriter BVRGER, who himself
can look back on a successful catalogue, took Juvenal’s “She Just Wanna” and added his
sought-after BVRGER flip method. With BVRGER and his ability to switch genres as he

pleases to, one does not per se know the outcome in advance. His flip of “She Just Wan-
na” took the rather heavy mood of the original and transformed the whole song into a sun-
filled, afro-influenced, extremely danceable song with EDM’ly tweaked drops.

The flip follows Juvenal’s way of constantly testing and mastering genre barriers and
making sure, people will not put him into a fixed genre. Features with MadD3E
(“Good Time” & “What Do I Do”) – which clearly gifted from Juvenal’s ability and interest
to learn the trades of 90s RnB and New Jack Swing songwriting – to his recent rap feature
on Tazzz P’s “Don’t Sleep” (which Juvenal also produced) and his last single “Unknown” –

Juvenal Maze does not seem to get tired to push back externally ascribed genre affilia-

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His next single “Last Time” (to be released on the 15th of May 2020) will continue this
course before his debut EP drops in late June 2020.


Juvenal Maze
– Background –

Juvenal Maze is a London-based artist that taught himself all the trades of musical creativity. He
sees himself as a singer-songwriter-producer, which nowadays is summed up as a “triple threat”.
Born and raised in a household that combined Congolese heritage with British customs, Juvenal
discovered his passion for music at a very young age but it should take a couple more years for
him to decide to become active in music.
One day at high school, one of his fellow pupils introduced him to a genre labelled as “Grime”.

Juvenal became hyped about the idea of being part of the Grime movement, constantly develop-
ing his trade to produce his own riddims on Fruity Loops. He spent a lot of time in youth centres

around East London supplying beats for young up-and-coming artists he was surrounded by.

While Juvenal dug deeper into music, he started top lining while producing and bystanders re-
alised quickly that he was gifted. His passion for poetry came in handy to develop a sense for

songwriting as well.
In 2019, Juvenal Maze had his first big outing with his double-single “She Just Wanna / In A
Place”. In the process, he ended up on radio shows across local stations Fubar Radio, Pulse
Radio and Croydon FM while being featured by the likes of Conversations About Her, Dummy
Magazine, CelebMix and The Word Is Bond amongst other media outlets. “She Just Wanna”
became a big song in Turkey and brought the streaming count on Spotify to over 715.000.
He went on to release his second single “Drama”, a remix of BVRGER’s “Summer Plans” before

featuring on MadD3E’s “Good Time” and “What Do I Do”. The MadD3E features showcase Juve-
nal’s ability and talent to not only sound great on R&B and Afrobeats-inflicted productions but

Funk and more House-orientated tracks as well. He released a Mogul-remix of “Drama” earlier
this year before featuring on fellow Londoner Tazzz P’s gem “Don’t Sleep”.
“Unknown” marked his first solo release in 2020 and can be described as Juvenal’s most personal

song to this day. A song that grabs all human emotions (not only Juvenal’s personal feelings) in-
side 5 minutes and showcases Juvenal’s talent and firmness.

Juvenal Maze has already lined up his next single (“Last Time” – due in mid-May 2020) and will
release his EP “The Experience” in late June 2020. He also resumed writing and is working on
songs with Tazzz P, BVRGER, MadD3E, Mogul and many others.




– Background –

BVRGER is a British-Italian artist, songwriter & producer born and raised in Rome, Italy to a
British mother and an Italian father. His mother was a Soul-singer in the 80s while his father is an
accomplished guitarist that toured throughout Europe.
BVRGER made his breakthrough in 2016 after his debut single “The Cool Kids” was released

through German independent label NDYD Records and quickly gathered worldwide attention, go-
ing viral in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Germany and more.

The attention panned to labels and publishings such as Warner Records UK, Columbia UK, Poly-
dor UK, BMG UK, Universal Publishing UK, WME USA and more. He decided to stay independent

as he wanted to explore the sounds and profile of his BVRGER project without pressure and
possible restrictions.
Throughout the 2017 to 2019 he attended numerous songwriting sessions in London, Barcelona,
Vienna, Berlin and Milan, while releasing non-genre binding music as BVRGER (“Cyberlove”,
“Tease”, “Miss.Call”, “Strangers”, “HER.”) before releasing his EP “Brainfood” in Mid-2019
through boutique label SOULUVMUZIQ, distributed by The Orchard. In Mid-2018 he signed to
Starting Lineup / BMG Rights Management Germany on the publishing side.
He is well-known for his productions for Il Tre, an inspiring rapper from Rome, Italy signed to
Warner Records Italy. Their first collaboration “Cracovia, Pt. 3” sits comfortably at 17 million
streams on Spotify and is by afar Il Tre’s most successful single to this date. Other collaborations
include German The Voice Kids winner Danyiom, Austrian rapper Crack Ignaz, London-Grime
artist Koder, Italian pop-act Zak Munir, UK-R&B-singer Just Charlii, US-rappers Tavi Montelle
and Ehmji.
2020 will see BVRGER releasing a few collaborations as a singer, more singles from Crack Ignaz

(BVRGER produced 90% of the Austrians new material), more singles from Il Tre amongst collab-
orations with artists from the UK, South Korea, Singapore and the USA.

In regards to his own music, he is working on a new project which will be released in 2021.