Buttah Skin’s BEYOND THE SURFACE Digital Series for Black History Month | EPISODE 2: Lamorne Morris

Tune in today, February 10 to episode 2 of BEYOND THE SURFACE by Buttah Skin, executive produced and hosted by Natalie Manuel Lee. In honor of Black History Month, the show will highlight Black creatives and changemakers and examine the stories that have shaped their lives and careers.

This week, Natalie sits down with actor & comedian Lamorne Morris (NEW GIRL, WOKE) about his life and career, selecting acting roles and navigating the entertainment indusrtry, diversity in front of the camera and behind the scenes, becoming a father during the pandemic and more.

BEYOND THE SURFACE will stream across official Buttah Skin platforms each week on Thursdays, including the brand’s official website, ButtahSkin.com, as well as their official Instagram @buttahskin. In addition, the audio version of each conversation will be available in podcast form via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.