Build an army of AI controlled drones to automate your survival experience in Outpost Zero

Greetings overseers!

Outpost Zero has been in Early Access for around a year, and is finally out into 1.0!

The game has evolved to focus more on PVE events and construction over the past year. We quickly realized players love building complex bases and structuring processes around their drones.

If you’re unfamiliar with Outpost Zero, at its core it’s a multiplayer survival game where you build an army of AI drones to help you automate processes.

Over the past few months, we’ve added many new features such as motorcycles, flying ships, UI overhauls, random events, and more.

If you like resource gathering, survival mechanics, and automation, you might want to checkout Outpost Zero. It’s like playing an RTS, but in first-person.

Thank you,

Alex Nichiporchik
CEO @tinyBuild