Collect three new Mercenaries, and Unravel the Mystery of Empress Iserna


SEATTLE – MAY 30, 2019 | Brown Dust, the hit tactical RPG from Neowiz, which recently surpassed two million downloads across iOS and Android, today adds a wealth of new content. Three brand new Mercenaries are added – Anastasia, Antonio, and Kanna. The story of Brown Dust also expands with the hunt for Empress Iserna – a special month-long event that invites players to collect clues and unravel the mystery of where their beloved Empress has disappeared to. In addition, several brand new events are being added to the game to reward players for their continued support of Brown Dust!

The Servants of the Manor

New Mercenaries are one of the best new things in each Brown Dust update, and this time it’s no different. Anastasia, Antonio, and Kanna bring some exciting new tactics to the mix.


  • 5-star Warrior, deals great DMG to Warriors and Supporters in the center of the battlefield.
  • She skips over an enemy and attacks in a cross, up to 5 tiles.


  • 5-star Defender, buffs allies to attack the enemies with Concentrated Fire.
  • Has a Regeneration Barrier skill to reduce incoming damage and heal HP.


  • 4-star Warrior, specialized in eliminating Defenders in the front lines.


The Mystery of Empress Iserna

Along with the new Mercenaries, players will be able to explore the mystery of just what exactly happened to Iserna, the Empress who disappeared. For about a month, players will collect evidence and hints – items dropped randomly in the Campaign, Rune Temple, Arena, and Novice Arena – all of which will help figure out where the beloved Empress has gone. During the event, players can collect various rewards including a 5-Star Skill Book, Diamonds, Premium Scrolls, Gold, and much, much more.

Events Galore!

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re also pleased to announce that several brand new rewarding events are starting at the end of May to run through June. The Quiz Event will let you test your knowledge of Brown Dust and earn fabulous prizes daily – even if you get the answer wrong, you’ll win something! From May 30th until June 13th, Upgrade Potions will be dropped in various modes, and from June 13th to the 17th, we’ll be running a Mercenary 2x EXP event to help you level up your Mercenaries and Crystal Cave will be fully opened as well. And of course, starting from May 30th till Jun 23rd, for every Thurs – Sun during the period, we’ll be giving Iserna’s Special log-in bonus, which consists of ★3-5 Random Mercenary Ticket and Horseshoes.

About Brown Dust

Easy to pick up but difficult to master, Brown Dust effortlessly blends classic turn-based combat, riveting narratives, and captivating anime-inspired designs to deliver the ultimate mobile strategy experience. Available for free on for both iOS and Android, is rated T for Teen (PEGI 12). For more information follow Brown Dust on Facebook.

About Neowiz:

Established in 1997, Neowiz, Inc (KOSDAQ: 095660) is a pioneer in social platforms and online games. As one of the leading game companies in Korea, the company has successfully published a wide variety of PC and mobile games through since 2003. In 2006, the company co-developed and launched the wildly successful FIFA online, NBA Street, and Battlefield Online with EA. Neowiz is currently focused on creating and servicing online games for the global audience with high quality titles such as Bless Online, Black Squad and DJMAX RESPECT.