Broken Lines: Celebrating the year of tactical action with new content, giveaways, and AMA and PortaPlay are happy to invite you to join the celebration of the 1st anniversary of Broken Lines, tactical action about people at war. The game features dynamic phase-based gameplay, a story that depends on the player’s actions, and a unique buddy system so your soldiers perform better if they actually like the people in their squad.

A full-scale Zombie campaign was recently added to the game so players could take a break from the doom and gloom of a modern-day conflict and enjoy some guilt-free tactical zombie shooting instead.

The Dead and the Drunk

The new campaign features a three-sided conflict between the player, the hordes of undead who will not stop until they have some fresh brains to feast on, and the surviving masked enemies, backed with superior equipment. This seems like a one-way journey for our crew.

But hey, don’t give up just yet! The squad has access to a little something that will keep them going. Good old Dutch courage, gained by drinking a locally produced and highly flammable liquor that not only makes their stomachs warm but gives them a healthy dose of bloodlust and brute force.

So make sure the squad is nicely drunk and charge into battle together.

We’ve got a pagan mystery to solve!

To celebrate the occasion, Broken Lines is currently on sale with a 50% discount on Steam and GOG and 40% off on Nintendo eShop.

Devs are going to be streaming the game on Steam page and answer the questions on AMA.