Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead PS 4 Review

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead from Headup Games continues in the Bridge Constructor line of games. In the one we enter the world of AMC  Walking Dead with some fan favorites and lots of walkers. A puzzle game that will have you thinking how to complete the task. Not just a build the bridge game you must control your player and achieve other task with in building like killing or avoiding walkers.

This one is not like other each Walking Dead character brings something to the table in the mission. Their skills and your brain will be used to slay the walkers. A fun cross of these two worlds make for some great game play for fans of both.

Over all I found it a challenging game as the story progressed with five stories in the game. One thing that got me at the start was the controls they were a bit confusing at the start. Which after a few tries went away. This game will challenge you and leave you scratching your head. Fans of puzzle games this is a must play and fans of killing walker get your Walking Dead fix here.