BREWMANCE is a documentary by Christo Brock diving into the world of craft beer in Long Beach California. We follow the Long Beach craft beer scene and get a look into the passion these brewer’s have for their beers.

A beer lover myself I was hooked from the start to hear the stories told on how their brands started. This is a simple hobby from the outside looking in but it is far from it. We hear how their start in their home kitchen to their brewery start. From setbacks and mishaps to backstabbing like any business ideas stolen and all that mess you find here.

Passion is running in this doc everyone talks about their beer with fire in their voice proud and rightful so with their product. We see the start of their brewery to opening day and all the blood sweat and tears. We get to see them at a beer trade show and awards craft beer is not a small thing anymore and if you have not tried some your missing out.

It a great film for any beer lover I watched this one enjoying a pint and you should too. Sit back and get an inside look into the craft beer world. You may just find yourself trying a new hobby.