Breakthrough DJ/Songwriter/Producer Alex Parker Partners with Top 50 cryptocurrency Elrond Network For I Want The Money (The Crypto Anthem)

Breakthrough Romanian DJ/producer /songwriter Alex Parker made history in 2019 as the first DJ to perform on top of a wind turbine, playing atop a 100-meter high turbine in Europe’s largest land-based wind park in order to raise awareness about renewable energy. 
Now, Parker is once again breaking the mold through his partnership with top 50 cryptocurrency Elrond Network. Parker teamed up with Los Angeles-based singer HERA to write “I Want The Money (The Crypto Anthem),” which will be released as the first NFT to debut on Elrond Network’s new wallet MAIAR next month after its release across digital platforms last Friday, May 28. 

The bass-house slammer is an ironic reference to consumerism, inspired by Reddit’s Wall Street Bets movement, crypto and stock trading, and even Elon Musk’s Dogecoin phenomena. The music video portrays “Wolf of Wall Street” characters who dream of getting rich overnight. 
“You can make all the money in the world if you set your mind to it, but if you don’t have a higher purpose, it’s pointless,” Parker explains. “Just focus on making the world a better place!”
The first teaser, shared on Twitter by Elrond’s CEO Beniamin Mincu, has already gained more than 110K views.
Alex Parker has always loved making music, having started piano lessons at age 6 and gigging around local Bucharest pubs at age 13.
After experimenting with rock, blues and funk as a keyboardist, Parker developed a wide range of skills in sound design, music production and audio mastering. Parker has written/produced/mixed more than 50 songs for Romania’s top artists such as Antonia, Delia, and Morandi.
He first gained international notoriety in 2016 with his debut single “Tropical Sun,” which was followed by his 2017 releases “Synchronize” featuring Alexandra Stan and “Fix Your Heart” featuring Misha Miller. 
Parker made his debut on Ultra Music in 2019 with “In My Mind,” which was followed by  “Love Games” and “Addicted.” Around the same time, Parker partnered with Neversea Festival and became the first DJ to perform on top of a wind turbine.
He co-founded Creator Records and represents some of the freshest artists from Eastern Europe, including Holy Molly & Olivia Addams for whom he produced wrote European hits “Menage A Trois” and “Dumb.”  
Alex Parker