Breaking In Review

Breaking In starring Gabrielle Union as Shaun Russell daughter of a wealthy man who is under indictment. She is left with a summer home she is trying to sell she must go to it and get it ready to put on the market. What she does not know is that her father was mixed up with some unpleasant things. Shaun and her kids are now in a world of danger.

Breaking In is a thriller of what a mother is capable of doing to save her children. With the film release date set for mother’s day weekend, it will hit close to home with mothers. This is a suspenseful thriller mixed with some hard action. Great movie to take your mother too as I took mine to see an advance screening of the film. I saw all the mothers relate to Shaun in her fight to save her kids from a home evasion they walk into.


Gabrielle Union plays Shaun so well like any mother in her shoes leaves no stone unturned and is willing to put her life on the line to save her kids. She fights tooth and nail to save her kids. The crowd reaction to Shaun was huge the cheers for her when she made progress was loud and strong. Everyone was invested in the movie as if they were fighting to save their own kids. Go and check out Breaking In this Mothers day weekend.