Brave Nine’s Strolls into March with a Legend of Heroes Crossover Event and New Spell Card System

SEATTLE – March 11th, 2021 | Neowiz’ acclaimed Strategy RPG Brave Nine last week released the first of several updates in March, and today announced a collaboration with the hugely popular Legend of Heroes RPG series coming March 11th. With new content and features, and with the union of all servers for Brave Nine into one massive global audience, there’s never been a better time to pick up the game or make a return to battle.
Legend of Heroes and Brave Nine Collaboration Trailer
First up in March is the new Global Server for all players of Brave Nine. For the first time since the game’s launch, all regions of the world will be playing together in one massive global server. To celebrate this “marriage” of the game’s regions, there will be a ton of rewards across all aspects of the game for anyone who logs in after the global server merge.

The Spell Card System
The new Spell Card System is the big addition to Brave Nine this month. Spell cards are another way to affect the battle’s outcome outside of Mercenaries. It will diversify the way battles are played out and provide more tactical fun elements to Brave Nine. Up to 2 Spell Cards can be selected and used in Match modes. Depending on the selected Spell Cards, you’ll either start off with a boost in a fight, or have a “comeback” moment waiting to turn the tide should your team need it. Spell cards can also be used strategically to strengthen what the Mercenaries are already good at or counter their weaknesses.

The Legend of Heroes Collaboration
Beginning on March 11th, Brave Nine is teaming up with Nihon Falcom’s epic RPG series The Legend of Heroes to bring SIX (6) heroes from the The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki games into Brave Nine. Lloyd, Rixia, Rean, Juna, Swin and Nadia will all become available for a limited time. And as a special reward, players will be able to obtain one of the new 5-Star heroes as a free reward for taking part in the crossover event.

During the crossover event, a new Limited Event Dungeon will be available with special Legend of Heroes enemies, themed rewards, and more. Players will earn special currency and rewards by playing the dungeon, which can then be exchanged for unique items at the special Exchange Post within the Limited Dungeon.

More information on Lloyd, Rixia, Rean, Juna, Swin, and Nadia prowess on the battlefield will be available in a future post at

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About Brave Nine
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