Brand New Album Sleepwalker By Knifey is Out Now

Knifey is out with their latest album called Sleepwalker! They have released the first song from that album called Can’t Stop Feeling! The song is about romance and fears… a good take on something we all have that binds us to our will. The band gives you that image of something that is strange yet made normal because others are going through it as well.

Listen here:

Press Release:

Sleepwalker is a tale of growth. The album’s varied collection of songs offers a glimpse into the inconsistencies and contradictions of the mid-twenties. 


Can’t Stop Feeling is one piece in this collection of songs about the struggle of taking on increased routine and responsibility, while at the same time trying to cling onto the carelessness and energy of youth.  


We are so happy to share this album with you. It is a call to open up your eyes, and to honestly and whole-heartedly seize the world in front of you.


Thank you for listening! 🙌