Boss Baby 2 Family Business Peacock and Theatre Review

My family and I decided to end the streak and head back to the movie theaters. Our theater of choice comes from our local one in San Antonio called Santikos! We ordered our tickets on and found the perfect movie to watch as a family. We went to Santikos Embassy Oaks theater to watch the movie Boss Baby 2: Family Business. We ordered our food, got our snacks and of course filled up on drinks to be ready to experience watching the movie on the big screen.

After a successful evening watching the movie at the theater, we were gifted with a free one month of Peacock Premium streaming app. I was able to create the free account and download the app to our Fire TV. We, then, watched Boss Baby 2: Family Business in our home together.

I decided to do a quick review of the movie but I have to say this…watch this movie wherever you want to either on your television with Peacock Premium or local movie theater. This is a fantastic movie to watch with your family where you will want to laugh, gasp, and much more. The movie was fantastic to watch at the movie theaters and we were excited to still watch it on our tv screen.

here is the review:


  • Family Story
    • The movie had a fantastic story about family and how to work together. A lot of times, we do get away from doing family things together but in this movie, it was an adventure. Tim needed the help from his younger brother Ted as they are on a mission to save the children and parents. With this new school out there, they must find out and stop this new evil head master that threatens everyone including Tim’s daughter.
  • Great Imagination
    • I enjoyed the imagination used for Tim to showcase his adventures in the beginning of the movie. This lead to their chase through the city with their pony Precious to make it to school in time as well as finding a way out of the classrooms. They took simple things children do and utilize them in a way that they have to find success in the movie.
  • Jeff Goldblum
    • The evil headmaster, Dr. Armstrong, is voiced by one of my heroes Jeff Goldblum! He made that character come alive! He created a sense of aura using his voice that made not only the character evil but believable that he is doing it righteously.


  • Too Much Motion
    • In the beginning of the movie, they showcased a lot of imagination by Tim Templeton that would nearly give me motion sickness. I felt that was cool that they had it, but it went by so fast you don’t remember much but just flashing lights.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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