Borderlands Mystery Box Unboxing and Review From Toynk Toys

Today, we have the chance to review this awesome mystery box from Toynk Toys! The mystery box contains items from the video game Borderlands 3 and should suffice for any gamer out there. Here are the items listed down there that came with the mystery box. You can buy your own one here:

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Here is the box we got from Toynk Toys and looks very cool. We are excited to see what is inside there! Lets open it up and take a peak!


Here is a lanyard with the Borderland insignia on there.


A Borderlands 3 air freshener that will go great in your car!


An embroidered patch that will look amazing on your cosplay for Borderlands 3.


My favorite of the bunch which is a Borderlands fleece blanket to keep me warm while I’m gaming.


A Borderlands 3 cup to make sure I’m no longer thirsty!

A good amount of things for the gamer that plays Borderland 3. You will find something for everyone in this mystery box. This box will make a great gift for any gamer out there and even get them some good collectibles as well. So come on and CLICK THE LINK to get yourself your own mystery box!