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DETROIT – March 16, 2021 – Sustainable toothbrush-maker Bogobrush joins SXSW 2021 today, presenting as a Featured Exhibitor in the Creative Industries marketplace and as a leader in partner programming with the panel, ‘Plastic is not the Problem.’

“Seeing our work highlighted at SXSW and sharing space with the people and ideas that have inspired us on our journey is going to be incredible,” said Bogobrush CCO and co-founder, John McDougall.

The highly-anticipated panel features business leaders addressing sustainability in plastics chemical industries, manufacturing, and social impact. Plastics undeniably cause incredible environmental damage, and an estimated 1 billion toothbrushes will be thrown away this year in the USA— most of them plastic, thus polluting landfills and natural ecosystems for decades to come. Bogobrush’s SXSW panel dives deep into this popular topic among sustainability advocates and asks us to reimagine the value of plastic and to examine the true problem: humanity’s systemic abuse of this popular material.

“SXSW is perhaps the most well-known and major platform for thought-leadership and innovation,” said Bogobrush CEO and co-founder Heather McDougall. “To bring the conversation of sustainability and plastic to an international stage in such a bold way is thrilling and a huge honor for us.”

The “Plastic is not the Problem” panel will teach SXSW attendees that the path forward for the plastics industry requires innovative design thinking, cross-industry collaboration, and the courage to rebuild the industry from the ground up to heal the world along the way. Attendees will learn how to advocate for a more circular economy.

“We’re excited to build brand awareness with thousands of SXSW attendees this week,” said Angela Wallace, chief of sales and operations at Bogobrush. “Together, we can address the problem of plastic pollution with creative design, diverting waste from landfills with our recycled and biodegradable toothbrushes. We’re proud to partner with retailers like CVS Health, where our customers help us make a meaningful impact every day.”

Bogobrush is a company on a mission to divert waste from landfills with beautiful design in the oral care category. Each Bogobrush is made from plants or recycled materials, and all are recyclable or compostable. Consumers can count on the brand to be transparent about sourcing, production, and environmental impact. Each toothbrush is designed and manufactured in the USA, and with every purchase, Bogobrush donates 10% of profits to causes in local communities. In 2020, Bogobrush donations funded scholarships for dental students through the Society of American Indian Dentists and partnered with the Longspur Prairie Fund to adopt acres of grassland in the Red River Valley for conservation and carbon sequestration.

“Bogobrush is one of the fastest growing sustainable manual toothbrush brands in the USA, and we’re committed to increasing our positive impact with our customers. We’re now expanding to new markets and adding our fun children’s collection later this year,” added Wallace.

About Bogobrush

Bogobrush was founded in 2012 by brother and sister team John (CCO) and Heather McDougall (CEO). Their father was a dentist, and when they discovered how wasteful conventional oral care products are , they resolved to use their passions to create change. As an award-winning industrial engineer, John brings a powerful talent in brand ideation and impactful design. Heather, a trained lawyer, is a global sustainability champion leading Bogobrush giveback and impact projects from Detroit to (the?) Maldives.

Each Bogobrush toothbrush is made from plants and recycled materials, because an estimated 1 billion manual toothbrushes are sent to landfill every year. But not Bogobrush! Oral care on a mission to divert waste with beautiful design – creating daily moments of connectedness with sustainable products. Consumers can count on our transparent sourcing, production and impact. Our made in America toothbrushes are recyclable or compostable, and with every purchase we donate 10% of profits to causes in our communities.

About SXSW

In 1987, SXSW was established to help creative people achieve their goals. In 2019, SXSW empowered 417,400 people from 106 countries with a platform for achievement, inspiration and discovery. The 2021 SXSW Conference features 20 programming tracks that intertwine to prove that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together.


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