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Blues-Punk Singer Mystery Rose “Stability”: Single Out 1/29

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(Los Angeles, CA) Mystery Rose is a young voice with mature taste. The teenage indie pop artist from LA writes and records her own music ranging from Winehouse-style blues ballads to pop-punk, always with live instrumentation and a cheeky attitude. Unlike most young artists today, she has little interest in personal exposure or fame; this Rose prefers to remain largely a Mystery! Sure, we’ll see her face from time to time, but she’d rather be in the studio than on camera any day.

Mystery Rose is preparing to release her debut full-length album Socially Distant in 2021 — the title refers to both the recording process in quarantine and her elusive personality. She released a couple of standalone tracks in 2020 (“Sunset Boulevard” and “Passing Notes”), but the first official single from Socially Distant is “Stability”:

“Lyrically, it’s about relationships. Whether you leave someone or you get left, you still feel vulnerable, like someone took away your Stability — not just with them, but for future beaus! Break-ups have a lasting effect on everyone, no matter which side they are on.” – Mystery Rose

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Musically, the track has a bouncy, pop-punk vibe similar to that of Tacocat, Kitten, or Charly Bliss. It’s a fun, relatable song reminiscent of early ’00s high-school indie-rock. “Stability”, along with the other tracks on Side A of the forthcoming album, are more punk rock, while Side B will be more bluesy and adult-contemporary. The different facets of Mystery Rose’s music are impressively complementary, not contradictory. Stay tuned for the second single, due out in late February / early March!



In an era of near-constant visual self-promotion, it’s the rare young person who remains more committed to the discipline of artmaking than the ensuing recognition. Mystery Rose is a 17-year-old indie pop artist who maintains relative privacy and image-control while growing up in Los Angeles, the epicenter of self-exploitation. She writes blues ballads informed by Amy Winehouse and throws them side by side with catchy, pop-punk hooks a la Kitten or Tacocat. Her music holds its own among those older contemporaries while still fresh in time with the current-day revival of 00s-style indie rock led by artists like Halsey, Charly Bliss, and DREAMERS. Mystery Rose’s music is produced by Dan West of Victory Way Studios in Burbank, CA.

Mystery Rose released three standalone singles in 2019: “Gossip”, “Eternity”, and “Arranged”, to a small but overwhelmingly positive audience. In 2020 she returned with “Passing Notes” and “Sunset Boulevard” (the latter with an accompanying music video directed by Steve Hanft [Beck, Elliott Smith, ICP]). This year, Mystery Rose plans to release her debut album Socially Distant (due out in Spring 2021) in both digital and vinyl formats. The album’s first single “Stability” represents its indie-rock side (Side A) while Side B leans more bluesy. The album is sure to be a complete collage of Mystery Rose’s versatile abilities, with professional orchestration to boot. While she doesn’t plan to tour anytime soon, Mystery Rose aims to share her music via sync licensing and streaming services: “My interest is really in creating the song. Not so much who sings it, but who listens to it and how that audience is impacted or affected by the poignancy. If other artists use my material, or if ordinary listeners are singing in the mirror, that’s cool for me. I get a kick out of being the creator, not necessarily the only performer. I hope my work is universal in its appeal and that many will want to perform it.”

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