Blue Fire Demo Review PC Steam

Thank you to Intel for the invitation to try out the demo…

Today, we have the chance to try out this new game from ROBI Studios and Graffiti Games called Blue Fire. This game is about a young warrior that journeys to find out what had happened to this diminished world. There are only two levels that we were able to play. In the Fire Keep level, You would go searching to what had happened to the previous civilization. You would read journals, see they have been doing experiments and learn that people used to live outside instead of underground.  You learn about your character’s controls and utilize his strengths to destroy dark enemies while not trying to touch lava or anything prickly.

Well I have to say this is one of the most challenging games I have ever played in my life. On the level for Utha’s Temple, You would have to bounce off pillars to get to the next spot. You will have to aim your self correctly to the pillar in order to get the best way to get their. Once over, there is a machine that is shooting lasers at you while you go to either side of stairs to do a game save and collect either a key and a jewel. While I died a few times, I finally took the chance to go back to those blue smoke and get some hints. The hints help you learn more about using the controls of the game. I know I should have done this earlier, but I just wanted to take my chances on how the game is. My lack of patience cost me a lot of time while I died but I did learn new strategies while playing the game. The art is fantastic in this game! I felt like I was in an art exhibit with how bold and colorful the art was shown in the game. The game is good, I dig it, it is challenging and will need to play for a while in order to master it.


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