[Blowfish Studios] YesterMorrow coming to PC and Consoles on Nov 5th!

YesterMorrow arriving on Nov 5th!

The Game

YesterMorrow is a time-traveling puzzle platformer developed by Bitmap Galaxy, and published by Blowfish Studios.

YesterMorrow is a single-player time travelling 2D platformer, mixing action sequences with puzzle elements. Follow the engaging story of Yui, who travels back into the past to save her family and the remnants of a world now trapped in Never-ending Night.
Illuminate the path forward to see the world in a new light. Build platforms from shadows so Greta can overcome obstacles and navigate through ornate environments. Bend light and shadows to discover creative solutions to puzzles and uncover alternate pathways.

YesterMorrow is arriving to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam (wishlist!) and GOG on November 5th, 2020!