BLKHRT Melds Rock and Rap on Debut Single “1 STP AWY”

From Indiana, BLKHRT looks to change the line that divides rap and rock.

Frontman Josh Ryan says, “Growing up in an urban community taught me to love rap and the things that were prevalent in the culture, but something in me was always drawn to the aggressiveness of rock. I want those two to collide!”

Ryan and singer/songwriter Zeke Vasquez met in 2010 and played in bands together in the same scene for years. Both gained minor success in the avenues they chose, Josh being a former frontman for Chin Up Kid and Zeke being the bassist for Islander.

Now, with the experiences they have gained from these bands, they hope to flip the scene upside down, with a goal of united both rock and rap fans. Be advised, there is no sugar coating with these guys. It’s real. Ryan says, “Get to a show, light up and unify for the love of real music!”

BLKHRT’s debut 5 song EP ‘M.A.D. (Miserable & Damned)’ drops on July 12.