Blizzard News

Blizzard News

By: John Cano

Blizzard has been the center of gaming news as of late, there are some possible leaks and hints about a few upcoming titles that many (myself included) are hoping to see at this year’s BlizzCon.

First things first, for all my fellow World of Warcraft fans out there, a picture has surfaced on a lot of online forums about the next possible WoW expansion World of Warcraft The Shadowlands. Even though no information at this point has been revealed and the image that was shown was maybe some fan art, however it is interesting to say the least about what may happen. The last time we saw anything dealing with the Lich King (minus a small questline in legion) your champions with the help of Tyrion Fordring, shatter Frostmourne and slay Arthas. After Arthas dies Tyrion picks up the crown of the Lich King stating “The weight of such a burden… it must be mine” before being stopped by Bolvar Fordragon, a fellow paladin that fell in the battle of the wrath gate saying “The world of the living can no longer comfort me” as Tyrion placed the crown on his head sealing his fate even further and making him the new Lich King. So, it is open to many theories: has Bolvar finally succumb to the influence of the Lich King? Does he want to launch an attack on Azeroth and claim it for the scourge? Are there other powers at play here? Only time will tell.

Could we possibly be seeing the return of the Lord of Terror? Could we also be looking at a possible resurrection of another classic?  Yes, I am referring to Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 Remastered. There has been many rumors this year about the possibility of these two gems making an appearance at Blizzcon 2019. The rumor mill has been churning, seeing as Blizzard is not attending this year’s Gamescon, this might be a sign that they are working on something big, however they also said that they weren’t planning any major releases this year but that can always change. Blizzard does have the habit of surprising their fans and according to resources on IcyVeins, Blizzard has already shown Diablo 4 to its employees, but this however has not                    been confirmed. Very little has been said about the HD remaster of Diablo 2 a lot of fans (yes still including me) are excited about the high possibility of this being true, the only thing fans are asking for is that nothing should change mechanic or gameplay wise and in my opinion that’s not asking much hopefully we get a taste of one or both of these this year, fingers crossed.

And last but certainly not least the highly anticipated Overwatch 2. According to sources close to the developers, this is something that is most likely what’s going to be revealed and I can’t wait. From what I hear there is going to be more focus on story this time around with the inclusion of you guessed it a story mode, as well as multiplayer which the games main staple was. With a strong fan base behind it I’d say this is going to be a huge leap for the game. However, things can go south like I stated before, the games selling point was being an online FPS game with 25 unique classed based characters (Damage,Tank,Support) and was constantly updated with free content which included new modes, characters and maps. And not a lot of people are big on story modes, however the huge following that this game has I’m confident that Jeff Kaplan and his wonderful team worldwide, backing him up will keep this massive train moving forward.

I’m sure there are plenty more surprises waiting for us at this year’s Blizzcon, as it is there are 6 panels that they are keeping hush hush so this year could be shaping up to be better than the last one (cough Diablo Mobile). Only time will tell but I can’t wait to see what’s coming our way I will definitely be keeping up and posting new updates on any new information.