Blackwind Xbox Series S Review

Blackwind is a game where you destroy aliens and tear everything up! Sounds like fun! You must stop this invasion, find your dad and trash everything apart in the levels as well! You find cool orbs that will help you level up your battle armor suit! Plus, you break stuff and kill aliens! You got me there!

We were able to review this game on my Xbox Series S! The download was pretty quick to the Xbox console and game started smooth. I wanted to stream the  game on Twitch but said it wasn’t able to stream yet. I can’t wait to stream the game!

here is the review:


  • Story
    • You and your father are going to a planet to deliver some robots but you are attacked. While your inside one of the robots, your father releases you in the air. You land in a desert area and start the journey to look for your father and what happened. You find a research facility and there are some aliens that have attacked and kill people. You go through each room looking for your dad while you destroy them all.
  • Controls
    • The control of the mech is pretty neat and easy. You get a easy tutorial when you first start the game. You learn about moving, jumping and using your weapons.
  • Action
    • There is a lot of action in this game! You find innovative ways to destroy those aliens using the B button when its available.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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