BlackHole Video Game Review

When the spaceship is sucked in through a black hole, all sorts of chaos come through the black hole. You are first to wake up and be ready to check your surroundings. I like how cool the game looked while walking around.


You land on an entity that looks like a planet but actually it isn’t! You are given some startling news yet it is the beginning of your adventure.


When your crew is up and ready, be on the look out for where you want to go. Take the story in and utilize the information the entity lets you know, it will be useful in the future game play.


The game design is top notch and has to be celebrated in this review. I was astonished on how well the game looked and played as well. I couldn’t stop playing and my friends were watching at awe as the scenes that showcased the aurora of the game.


The game can be challenging but in Adventure mode its really fun and amazing. I like to have fun and look through everything and through the levels, it was very enjoyable.

A good level complete and a good time for myself actually as I can’t chew gum or walk at the same time. The game was really good and enjoyable, I highly recommend this game for any pc gamer on Steam.

All in All, a very good game with a story that is different yet enjoyable. You go through different level of dimensions and enjoy the story around you. I highly recommend getting this game and having fun with your friends.