Black Skylands PC Steam Early Access Review

Black Skylands is a new game that just came out on Steam Early Access for fans to try. As media, we participated with the developers to try the game out and do a review. I am not going into a full review of the since its still Early Access but I have to say this looks like a pretty cool game. This has retro written all over it but retro in a way that utilizes the Open World aspect in the game. I enjoyed the game for about an hour but had multiple times where I had to restart the game on my laptop due to a bug here and there. I am brief on my review but I have to say this: Once all bugs are cleared and full game comes out, we will be first in line to review, stream and play this game!

Here is our review:


  • Open World
    • I felt like I was cruising the world through my Skyship seeing various islands and places. I enjoyed the view from the ship and the gaming art that was hypnotizing. The open world wasn’t too overwhelming like other games and felt it got a good mix of easier exploration for the character in the game.
  • Upgrades
    • I enjoyed the upgrades throughout the game as you find new weapons and new items for you, your Skyship and your base. With the upgrades, this made the combat easier to destroy the enemies and of course look sharp. This also made the quests easier on my side with my new weapons that I achieved.


  • Bugs
    • Yes, I experienced my share of bugs while playing in the game. I had a few situations where my Skyship would get stuck or my character just freezes out of nowhere. I know its Early Access but I can say I experienced my share bugs playing the game.

Rating: 7 out 10

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