Black Legend Demo Review with Link Steam

Warcave just released new information on the classes for their new game called Black Legend. I was very excited to hear about that and then learned that there is a demo for the game on Steam. I jumped out of bed and right onto my laptop to download the demo right away. What really got me interested in the game is that its based on the 17th Century and you must fight your way to destroy a cult. The cult have taken over a local town and you must be there to stop them. Interesting huh!

Here are some thoughts on this demo review:

Once game was loaded, I was at the port of the city where I walked around look but before I left, I just glamour at the awesome art! The artists did an amazing job creating this realistic portrayal of the 17th Centaury. Next, I was able to get to a gate and walk into there to meet a gentlemen. We talked a bit and then I followed him to find someone. I looked around the area as the gate was locked and met someone inside their home who had a key. While I was waiting for him to give me the key, he told me some vital information on what is going on in the city and the area.

Once I was able to open the gate, there was some cultists there and here is where the fun comes in. This is a turn based game so I had to make some good moves to make sure I had the upper hand. Each time you use your weapon, the class of that weapon will go up. Once that class improves, you will gain more abilities as well as additional classes. Be sure to read up on the directions of the tutorial prior to the fight so you would have a better understanding of winning the fight. I had a few times where I thought I was a goner but instead I made it.

I can’t wait for more to be showcased from this game and see what else will be included by the people at Warcave. The link is below so you can try out the game and have some fun!

get Black Legend Demo on Steam here: