Bite The Bullet Suprises at PAX East 2019

We were able to talk to James from Megacat Studios and this is what he has to say about PAX East 2019

How did you like PAX East 2019?
It was fantastic getting to show so many fans, hands-on, Bite the Bullet’s demo after so many years working on it.
Tell me more about your game?
Bite the Bullet is the world’s first run & gun & eat. Think Metal Slug twisted with Gungeon & Dead Cells.
How was the idea for the game created?
As we’ve evolved as a team, we’ve wanted bigger universes to really push everything we want. We’ve created something truly unique with the game’s mechanics, crafting system, and character skill trees. It’s our first grand universe, and has some really interesting systems for crafting, fast action, lots of juicy, meaty hits.
Which systems will the game be on
PC & Switch at the very least!
Where can my fans find you on social media?
megacatstudios on all social media platforms!