Bite Me Film Review

Bite Me is a film by Meredith Edwards starring Naomi McDougall, Katherine Kahrs, and Naomi Grossman. Is an odd love story where a vampire and IRS agent fall in love. While James (Christian Coulson) the IRS agent is investigating Sarah’s vampire church case.

A love story that pairs two down on their luck people in an odd match but when love hits it hits. Trying to understand Sarah’s vampire life and how her church works. A moment where cupid strikes between them leave James with a feeling he can’t explain.

Sarah and James start a relationship  James must learn to live and understand Sarah’s vampire lifestyle. On top of the pending IRS case, he must close. Will his newly founded love get in the way or will he do the right thing? How will it affect the relationship?

A fun odd love story just in time for valentines day I give this one a 7 out of 10. A good story a tale of opposites who attract and both hurt from their pasts. Makes for a great film the only thing I wished there was more of the supporting cast involved. Be sure to check this one out on digital download Fed 8th.