Billionaire Island Chapter 2 Comic Book Review

With the second issue on hand, looks like Billionaire Island isn’t being so secluded after all. After Mr. Spagnola has been killed, Trent is on the Island and wants to extract some more revenge on others. He meets an older gentleman on the plane ride who I thought was a rancher but he made apps for companies. The apps are used as management so others are not in charge of people. I can see the fire in Trent’s eyes when he learns more about him and once they get on Billionaire Island, he journey’s around and looks at the landscape.

Then we see later on, Mr Canto enjoying a massage while watching some people in a room and they are getting mad. They are trying to escape but Mr. Canto just laughs it off.

There is more to these two stories and I highly recommend to go and check out the rest of the story!

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