Billionaire Island #6 Comic Book Review

With Shelly, Trent and the others free and back home, they make it a point to let everyone know what is going on. They go on a talk show and tell their stories without holding back. You start to see each character talk about their interactions with Mr. Cantos and how it influenced their time at the island. After wards the stocks plummeted and in chaos, the billionaires are not going down swinging. They find a way to help save themselves which nearly works, but in the end, the business dog has to eat. The ending is quite shocking yet felt gratitude as the billionaire’s core beliefs were flipped upside down.

This comic has been amazing read throughout its tenure on Ahoy Comics. I felt the story is similar what is going on in our world. The world for many years have catered to people with significant amount of money and the things they can do with it. While reading this story from the beginning you see how the characters in their mind are doing what is right but disregards others opinions. This changes toward the end of everything in their journey. I feel that magnifies the story once its gets to the end and you will see how the balance seems to tilt with it.

Check out Billionaire Island #6 here:


(W) Mark Russell

(A) Steve Pugh

Cover: Steve Pugh


The new series by Mark Russell (SECOND COMING) and Steve Pugh (The Flintstones) wraps up with a bang! After a devastating series of events on Billionaire Island, Shelly, Trent, and the others are determined to let the world know the truth. But for Business Dog? It’s time for dinner. Plus a selection of AHOY short stories and illustrations.


September 16, 2020