Bike Club Reveal New Album “Find Romance” out now!

Bike Club reveal new album “Find Romance” which is out now! Bike Club brings you some groovy 70’s pop music into their new EP. You will want to move your hips, do some fun hand moves, and dream of days past while jamming to the tunes. I am enjoying this album as it gives you those nostalgic feelings but also introduces you to some new music from the band. I am enjoying the following songs: Heart Beating, Find Romance, and of course Where Do We Go ON. As I’m enjoying my time unwrapping my time capsule of great music, I will hit repeat to hear just a lil bit more!

listen here:

press release:

Toronto’s Bike Club debut EP, Find Romance, dropped this past Friday on October 16th. Taking inspiration from late ’70s power pop and early ’90s east coast Canadian indie rock, principal songwriter Eric Warner has crafted a record that wears its heart on its sleeve. Members of The Elwins offered up their collaboration to flesh out each song’s idea and structure to bring them to life.