Bike Club debuts new song titled Heart Beating

A gritty new tune by Bike Club which reenacts the love between two souls looking for each other through their windows. The song is titled Heart Beating which showcases an old school punk sound including the badassary of the strums from the guitars. The drums keep the beat to the song while the singer belts the lyrics like he is above the law. I enjoyed listening to this new song by Bike Club and felt like I was at laid back punk show.

Listen here:

Press Release:

Feurd Moore from The Elwins produced the EP, with the rest of the band playing all the instrumentation. Jay Nunes from The Meligrove Band mixed the EP with Dany Laj mastering. The entire recording process was a team collaboration that fully realized my intention for this song and EP.

With Bike Club, I aimed to be more direct and straightforward. Having performed in noisy punk and hardcore bands, this EP reflects my love of catchy melodic pop songs.


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