Big Mother Gig release their new lyric video for their hit new song Past The Sun! The music video takes this song to a new place not on this world! Pun intended! The video utilizes their lyrics with space associations such as space flight, planets, and more. You are taken on that journey away from our planet to see a solar system filled with unimaginable discoveries. I enjoyed listening to the song with its space references while discovering yourself while chasing dreams.

Take the first flight with Big Mother Gig and press play below!

Watch here:

Press Release:

“Lyrically, it’s about addiction,” shared bandleader Richard Jankovich, “The desire to get as far as you can be from this world even if you’re in a room surrounded by people.” Jankovich continued, “I chased rocket ships – now, I stay grounded and find fulfillment in the here and now.”

The musical arrangement was originally a demo for Aloe Blacc whom Jankovich befriended when their daughters bonded at school. Aloe suggested they write together and this was an early attempt. “We made a different song but I saved this, it felt like it had potential”, says Jankovich.

Big Mother Gig released their 2018 LP, “No More Questions”, while on a West Coast tour with Gin Blossoms. That LP featured guest turns by Dicky Barrett (Bosstones) and Britta Phillips (Luna) and was praised by Brooklyn Vegan, NPR/The Current, Paste, The Big Takeover, Alternative Press, Under The Radar, No Depression and more.

Prior to 2016, Jankovich was known for Burnside Project (Bar/None, Sony) who’s “Cue The Pulse To Begin” became the theme to “Queer As Folk” and Pocket, a persona he used to remix Radiohead, Beck and others to acclaim by Pitchfork and Stereogum.

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