Beyond The Wire: A New FPS Game set in WW1

Coming soon from Publisher Offworld Industries (makers of the hit FPS Squad) and developed by Redstone Interactive, we are pleased to announce Beyond The Wire: a realistic First Person Shooter set in World War 1.

Balancing era-authentic gameplay with viscerally challenging combat tactics, this ever-changing multiplayer experience will soon haveplayers revisiting the trenches of The Great War in ‘boots on the ground’ style combat.

Beyond The Wire is an intense, gritty portrayal of war that will appeal to a wide range of First Person Shooter fans,
avoids sacrificing playability for historical accuracy and ensures an ever changing gaming landscape of challenges via
a massive multiplayer format.

Featuring a complete fighting system, Beyond the Wire includes classic combat weaponry such as bolt action rifles
and early machine guns, as well as a melee battle system that provides players with an additional level of realism
and strategic choice. The tactical limitations of WW1 combat are carefully represented as players contend with reload
times, weapons used during the end of the Industrial Revolution, and the harsh realities of trench warfare.

Our announcement trailer can be viewed here, and players can sign up for the upcoming Closed Alpha here.
Upon Early Access launch, teams playing as US Forces, France or Germany with up to 50 players on each side will fight their way through the unforgiving Battle of Passchendaele, the marshy no-man’s land of the Somme river region and the terrifying nighttime trenches of Argonne. Beyond The Wire is scheduled for a late 2020 release, with additional maps and the British Forces Faction launching as an additional included content shortly after release.

About Redstone Interactive
Redstone Interactive Ltd. is an independent game development studio based in British Columbia, Canada. Formed by
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