Berlin Post-Punk Noise-Pop Group, Plattenbau, Releases First Single & Video for “Hollywood” Ahead of New Album “Shape / Shifting” Release

“Hollywood” is the first single from Berlin art punks Plattenbau’s upcoming album “Shape / Shifting”. Sounding like Joy Division on a dark VHS soundtrack, derailing into an explosive chorus soaked in overdrive, ‘Hollywood’“ is a song about greed and infatuation depicting man’s primal impulses to take, to extract, to possess – rather than to give and to share, but ultimately evinces the belief that this cycle can be broken. ‘Hollywood’ will be released on July 7 on Oliver Ackermann’s (A Place to Bury Strangers/Death By Audio) new label Dedstrange.

Combining icy digital synthesizers and mechanical percussion with wiry, brutal post-punk and an explosive, fiery chorus hook, “Hollywood” is a corporate ghost story dancing on the grave of ideology with howling laughter and reckless abandon. The song artfully straddles the noise-pop boundary with layers of squelchy electronics, bouncing rhythms, and lyrics about the excess and brutality of our changing world. Yet it remains fun—a disco ball reflecting the burning light of post-capitalist armageddon across your wifi network.