Bringing us that feeling of restoration and reflection through our reconnection with the natural world, amidst
some of our darkest moments, is the stirring new single ‘Force for Nature’ by the extremely talented alt/neo-folk
singer-songwriter, guitarist and rapper Benjamin Haycock.

Benjamin Haycock blends melodic, percussive and fingerstyle guitar with honest, personal, and accomplished
lyricism. He laces this with incredibly tight rap flows and raw, emotive, and powerful singing vocals. This is all
interwoven to create a truly unique sound with strong character that derives from his personal experiences
growing up in inner city Birmingham and later moving to Devon, UK.

“’Force for Nature’ is about our symbiotic relationship with the natural world, and the importance of developing
a deeper connection with nature within our, often stressful lives.” Benjamin explains. “Throughout the song, I’m
talking to a friend who’s gone through a lot and is struggling mentally. Within the dialogue, I’m telling him that I
too, have experienced some of these hardships and can understand what he’s going through. I’m saying to him

that nature is the place where I’ve managed to find my peace, solitude, catharsis and ultimately, healing. As I
sing within the song, nature is one of the only places that can really nurture us back to feeling somewhat whole
again. During these times of crisis for both us and the natural world, we need to make that relationship

Starting out, Benjamin was the songwriting front man to a successful eclectic band that performed at the likes
of the 02 Academy, which included instrumentation from the likes of ‘Little Comet’s’ drummer Nathan Green.
In 2018, he released his debut solo acoustic EP called ‘Time’s Transgressions’. Off the back of this, he was
invited to take part in ‘Fender Undiscovered Artist’ and later played at Ad Week Europe. Throughout this
time, his music videos were watched by hundreds of thousands of people on large Facebook platforms such as
‘Music Crown’ and ‘YFM’.

In 2021, Benjamin appeared on ‘The Voice UK’ and astounded the coaches by doing an emotional rendition of
his original song ‘Restlessness’ that he wrote as a letter to his late father. Suffice to say, all four of the coaches
turned around for Benjamin and gave him incredible feedback that entailed calling him the ‘real deal’ and
stating that his own wonderfully crafted music took the show to ‘another level’. His single ‘Restlessness’ got to
second in the iTunes singer-songwriter charts, with both of his EP’s staying within the top 10 album charts for

His new single ‘Force for Nature’ is dynamic, powerful and yet, deeply personal at the same time. Within the
rap part, you can’t help but get the feeling like he is speaking to you with his lyricism, and that’s something
special. This invigorating song is intended to reach out to all of us who have been through a hard time over the
past year, whatever we’ve been through and help us to reconnect to what’s most important. Keep an ear out
for it.