Bellafonte Crim Bel La Crim Album Review

The array of unique musical beats surpasses my expectation with this lyrical expressive album from Bellafonte. His album is called Crim Bel La Crim and is a showcase of literally a musical masterpiece. The music is just astonishing from beginning to end. The beats are unique and enticing as you feel your right there in the studio listening to the album being created. 


The album feels so fresh, so different with a phase that can turn a facility into a dance club. The music is entrancing and have been enjoying the songs MAYO, Jacobs Ladder, Been There, Tony, Buff, Mama’s Face, and Shame. This album is very unique and carries it self through the ladder of musical success.

When you listen, have your head phones on, and let the music flow through you. The music will engulf you and have you dream of a diamond Christmas. Carry and listen on! Get this album now!

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