Take Aim and Fire Away at Targets Ranging from Armed Militia to the Undead in Award-Winning Game Developer Zatun’s New Mobile Shooter

GUJARAT, INDIA (MAY 2, 2018)Zatun — a multi award-winning game developer and game art studio for major brands such as Disney, Marvel and Ubisoft— invites you to become an elite marksman with its free-to-play sharpshooter game, Sniper 3D Rust, now available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Whether you’re waging war against an armed militia uprising or annihilating waves of undead, Sniper 3D Rust is a highly-immersive shooter that’s tough to put down. (Un)lock and load 2018’s most exciting sharpshooting game for mobile devices today!

In Sniper 3D Rust, prove yourself as an elite marksman by traveling the world in an 18-level campaign that pays homage to the greatest games in the sharpshooter genre. Each setting — from urban locales to the lush wilderness — comes complete with unique challenges, meaning you’ll have to choose the right arsenal for the job. Remain silent with a variety of silenced sniper rifles to choose from, or if you’re tired of being polite, go in guns blazing with heavy automatic weapons. Get the job done efficiently, whatever the means, and reap your rewards.

Key Features:

  • Global Campaign – Eliminate your targets across three chapters and 18 levels in a variety of 3D environments, including ports, militia camps, airports, the jungle and more. Multiple objectives and adaptive enemy AI make every combat sequence a challenge.
  • Survival Mode – When not playing the lone-wolf mercenary for hire, put your survival skills to the test in a harrowing 15-wave zombie survival mode!
  • Versatile Arsenal – Pick from a variety of sniper-class weapons — including the AS-369, AV.90, J49 and NSF — and mounted heavy automatic weapons like the RVS and Minigun.
  • Make Coin – Earn your wages to purchase new guns, ammo and health upgrades by chaining headshots, beating the clock or courageously withstanding zombie hordes.
  • Career Boost – Earn additional coins and energy through gameplay, by watching ads or optional in-app purchases.
  • Sniper 3D Rust is available now for free download on the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 9.0 or later, as well as Google Play for devices with Android v7.0 and newer here:

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