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Becker College High School OutReach program via Twitch

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A very cool and fun High School “OutReach” program which was created to help High School students (and others of all ages) stay engaged during these challenging times.

The goal of the OutReach program is to provide weekly fun (and educational) online (via Twitch) livestreams, hosted on Becker College’s (@BeckerCollege) channel. #playaparttogether.

Short Overview:

What: The HS OutReach program is an interactive event for High School students in and around Interactive Media (Game Design, etc.), esports, and other areas of interest

Who: High School students

When: Weekly 30 minute livestreams (see:

Where: Twitch – @BeckerCollege

For more information checkout the schedule at:

and the full story:

When is the next livestream: Tuesday April 7th @ 2PM via @BeckerCollege Twitch

What is the next livestream about?

The next High School OutReach event will be Professor Ezra Cove, on the following topic:

Prof. Cove will be interacting with students about his professional career as a 3D artist and animator and demonstrating techniques in Blender. Blender is a free and powerful 3D modeling and sculpting package , which HS students can try out themselves RIGHT NOW e.g. while so many people have time on their hands, are home-bound, and looking for ways to fill their days.  Prof Cove is presently working on a personal project – a character – completely done in Blender. Has he has been pushing Blender to see what it can do, so, as time allows, he will be able to demo some aspects sculpting, re-topology, UV layout, texturing, and real-time rendering.  He will use his  original  character design to point out how he created the various parts, highlighting not just Blender’s capabilities, but also giving people a better idea of the full 3D production art process.


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