Beautiful Stranger by Fading Echoes is Out now!!!

Beautiful Stranger by Fading Echoes is out now! I am enjoying the hell of this song by Fading Echoes! Beautiful Stranger is about stories of compassion by random strangers all wrapped up into the song. The lyrics give you an idea of how a bad day can be saved by simple things a stranger can do. The music from the band is good and gives me a early 90’s grunge vibe. The band plays really well in the song and the music complements each instrument they play in the duration of the song. Beautiful Stranger is a good song that is fun to hear multiple times!

listen here:


Beautiful Stranger was released as a single on October 23.
Beautiful Stranger will appear on our new album, “Welcome to the Future,” dropping December 4th.
The song was recorded at Bob Bowling Audio Studio in Atco, NJ.
Music consultant: Sirvini Sounds
The background of the song is that sometimes we can find life’s hidden beauty in the strangest places, like a smile from a total stranger, or a funny conversation with someone you are waiting in line with at a store.
Fading Echoes band members:
Mark Benedetto (bass guitar/vocals)
Matt Glogau (Lead guitar/vocals)