Beam Team Games and North Beach Games Announce Stranded Deep for Playstation®4 and Xbox One

Highly Anticipated Hit Survival Game Available Now on Console

BRISBANE, Australia, April 21, 2020—Beam Team Games, the independent developer
and publisher of Stranded Deep for PC, is announcing Stranded Deep for both
PlayStation®4 and Xbox One in partnership with North Beach GamesTM.

Over 1.4 Million players have downloaded Stranded Deep for PC to date, and Beam
Team is excited for players to test their survival skills in the open world adventure on
console for the first time.

In Stranded Deep, players take on the role of a plane crash survivor in the Pacific
Ocean. Players must explore exotic underwater and island environments to hunt for
supplies and craft the tools, weapons and shelters they’ll need to stay alive. Players will
experience dangerous encounters against sharks, giant squid and other sea creatures.
They will need to defend against attacks on land from wild boar, snakes and other
native threats. Hunger, thirst and exposure will work against them as they brave the
elements. It won’t be easy, but if they survive the islands, now for the first time ever,
players can escape…only on console.

“Our audience has been waiting some time for the console versions of Stranded Deep
to release”, said Ben Massey and Sam Edwards, co-founders of Beam Team games.
“It’s been a long journey, and we appreciate their patience. We’re just so happy to
announce the game is finally out now on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.”
Following the closure of their original publishing partner, Beam Team acquired all rights
associated with Stranded Deep for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One and is independently
co-publishing the game with North Beach Games, a Bay Area based publishing

Founded in 2015, Beam Team Games is a PC and console development studio, based
on Brisbane, Australia focused on high-quality and immersive game experiences.
Founded in 2019, North Beach Games is a console publishing services company,
empowering independent developers.