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Battle Royale Super People Trending # 1 During its Closed Beta Test

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Join the closed beta test now and be a part of the next big Battle Royale!

Seoul, South Korea – [December 17, 2021] – Since the beginning of its closed beta test on December 6th, Super People, the popular battle royale title from developer Wonder People, became the number one trending title on Steam five days after release and ranked 26th place among the top most played games on the platform.

Major streamers such as Shroud having 9.87M followers on Twitch and known for playing first person shooter and battle royale games and TimTheTatman, an American YouTube-exclusive streamer having 4.25M subscribers, livestreamed the game to their audiences during its first week.

“I’ve been playing battle royales for a very long time and this is like one of those games where it’s like I was kind of interested in it when the Developer reached out,” said TimTheTatman during his livestream. “I didn’t know what to expect but I enjoyed it,” said Shroud during his livestream. “You don’t need to be mechanically gifted at battle royale games to play it but you get it once you start Super People.”

Meanwhile, Wonder People is holding various events in appreciation to the many interests and reactions of Super People’s global CBT.

The Level-UP event that gives limited-edition parachute skin and coat skin (useable when Early Access is live) to players that reach the account level of 10 and 20 will be held until the end of the CBT. Also, the Daily Attendance mission that allows players to receive 1 weapon blueprint each day during the event period will be held until the 25th.

Along with the following events, Super People’s CBT Video Contest will also be held until January 4. Players can send their very own gameplay clips taken during the CBT period at the event page. Players who sent the selected video will receive a small gift.

Super People invites players to reimagine how they think of the battle royale genre, choosing from 12 powerful super soldiers to enter into high-octane matches. Each soldier has unique abilities as well as a unique ultimate ability to master. By utilizing each soldier’s abilities, players can change the tide of battle to reach number one.

Strategy is key to succeeding in Super People. Play as each of the 12 super soldiers, experiment with their skills, and study the maps to know when to make the perfect move and wipe away your competition.


  • A Roster of Specialized Super Soldiers: 12 playable classes of super soldiers, each with their own distinctive characteristics and traits.
  • Strategy-Driven Combat: Master the traits and skills of all classes, not just one. Identify and counter an enemy’s attack to swing the battle in your favor.
  • Leveling and Upgrades: Level up, power up, and upgrade your gear and equipment to get stronger and improve your chances of winning.
  • Exploration and Scavenging: Race around Orb Island gathering loot and thwart other players from gathering their own.

Interested in jumping into the closed beta test for Super People? Email the media contact below for access. Follow Super People on social media using the links below for the latest updates.







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