Batman Damned (Concept Design by Lee Bermejo)DX Bonus Version

Batman Damned (Concept Design by Lee

Bermejo)DX Bonus Version

Limited Edition 300

MSRP: 1,199.00

“I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!” Prime1studios has done it yet again presenting The Batman Damned Statue designed by none other than the incredibly talented Lee Bermejo, an American comics artist best known for his collaborations with writer Brian Azzarello including the graphic novel Joker. Bermejo’s Batman Damned design is very dark with stunningly realistic features pulled straight from the novel itself, even the base is specially designed by Mr. Bermejo featuring Joker holding a revolver. The DX version of the statue includes in a total of four alternate Portraits and one Head Stand to conveniently house the interchangeable heads. The Batman Damned statue stands approximately 30 inches tall and it is a must-have for all Batman fans, and would be the perfect companion with The Joker Statue! that was also created from Mr. Bermejo as well.

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Batman Damned

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