BAFTA Award dev State of Play Announces new game, South of the Circle

[London] September 23, 2020 – BAFTA award-winning studio State of Play (Lumino City, KAMI 2, INKS) has announced its upcoming narrative adventure game, South of the Circle.

South of the Circle tells the story of Peter, a Cambridge academic who finds himself fighting for survival in Antarctica during the 1960’s Cold War. Crossing desolate terrain to reach British, Norwegian and Soviet Antarctic bases, Peter flashes back to his life at the university and his relationship with a fellow lecturer, Clara.

South of the Circle is a game about memory, survival, and the consequences of not dealing with the past. As Peter battles against the harsh conditions and his attempts to escape the ice become more desperate, the lines between his past and present begin to blur.


South of the Circle tells this story through immersive conversations, where responses are based upon Peter’s emotional reaction and chosen by the player. This is illustrated through symbols and the game’s cinematic environments, which are defined by its striking art style inspired by mid-century screen printing.

State of Play’s lovingly crafted South of the Circle is founded upon years of research and brings a unique level of depth to mobile. The game uses full 3D motion capture to achieve emotional realism from its cast – who are drawn from the likes of multi-Oscar winning Bohemian Rhapsody (Gwilym Lee), The Woman in White (Olivia Vinall), Belgravia (Richard Goulding), Game of Thrones (Anton Lesser), Chernobyl (Adrian Rawlins) and Downton Abbey (Michael Fox).

“Our goal with South of the Circle was to create a sense of immersion that is seldom seen on mobile,” said Luke Whittaker, Co-Founder and Creative Director at State of Play.“By using 3D motion capture and taking cues from interactive theatre, we have created an accessible, unique experience where the player becomes part of something bigger than themselves. We can’t wait for everyone to play it!”

South of the Circle is coming soon to iOS, Mac OS, and tvOS.

About State of Play
Established in 2008, State of Play is an award-winning video game studio making lovingly crafted games. State of Play’s work has won a number of international awards including the BAFTA for Artistic Achievement, for the handmade puzzle adventure game Lumino City, and an Apple Design Award for INKS. The team also developed the puzzle game KAMI and its BAFTA nominated sequel KAMI 2.
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