Bad Times at The Royale Review

I wanted to see this film form the moment I saw the trailer. The all-star cast and story line had me hooked Jeff Bridges (Father Daniel Flynn) and Chris Hemsworth (Billy Lee) Dakota Johnson (Emily) and Jon Hamm (Laramie Seymour Sullivan). A strong cast and a great story but to me, the backstories took to long to develop and took away for the film. There were way too many unanswered questions that left huge plot holes. The character development as important that it is made the film run a bit long in my opinion. It had a feel of a Tarantino film which I liked but not executed right. The start of the film is where it draws out but the ending is where it really picks up and saves the film. All the actors were great in there roles Chris Hemsworth role for the first time in a film I really dislike the role he played he took it to a twisted place. A role that shows he can play more than just a superhero. In all the film was good but way to long for my taste i made this review spoiler free not to give anything away. Check it out for yourself and judge for yourself it has great action and drama.