Bad Cupid Movie Review

Fate takes you on bus ride of ups and downs in order to find your next stop to the station . Bad Cupid presents that ordeal in this movie that will be astonishing hilarious throughout the movie. John Rhys-Davies stars in this movie as a character named Archie that is helping out Dave win back the women that dumped him named Denise. Dave is taken on that bus trip of ups and downs of emotion with his sidekick Morris that will knock your socks off!

We were able to have the chance to screen this movie prior to its release. We won’t spoil much of the movie but we have to say, this is a fantastic movie. This movie will keep you on your heels to anticipate the next situation presented by the actors and actresses in this movie! You will laugh hard with these characters yet feel for them in those scenes of dispear!

Here is our review:


  • Story
    • When I first saw the trailer, I was imagining a rom com that will just be a story of guy missing a girl and getting her back through a romantic gesture. Ok, I was off by like 1000 yards to the exact story of the movie! Dave has been dumped by Denise and for nearly a year and he has been obsessed with her and wanting her back. He then meets Archie who lets him know there is a chance but must do what it takes to win her back. Each scene from the beginning to the end is fantastic and brings  a wonderful ending that you wouldn’t have predicted to have been done! I enjoyed this movie so much!
  • Best Friend Morris
    • A wing-man in movies are usually the ones that help out their buddy in a situation! Morris is Dave’s wing-woman and cousin that makes sure he is aware of his situation! She just rocks! She amps up her role in helping Dave in his dilemma and presents him with alternatives to move on. I felt she was Dave’s rock throughout the movie but she got an ending in this movie that I wouldn’t have guessed! I was ecstatic!
  • Comedic Interactions
    • The sarcastic interactions between actors and actresses throughout this movie are just gold! You can feel their tension when they are around each other and present their character to its max! I haven’t laughed so hard during a rom-com movie in many years.
  • Twist of Fate
    • When we think of fate, we feel that pieces of our lives are thrown into a puzzle that takes time to be put together. The pieces may not be right at first but another piece will fit into a spot. Bad Cupid presented this situation nicely in the movie that you would understand why things happen for a reason. The piece we want to fit into the puzzle won’t fit but know there is a piece that will fit just perfectly.


  • Bass Music during Scenes
    • Setting up an important scene is very crucial in movies or shows, so everything has to flow with it. Throughout the movie there were scenes that were overshadowed by the music in the background, mostly a bass guitar. I felt it was a bit too loud when the characters were doing their scenes and could take away from an important piece of the movie being showcased.

Rating: 9 out of 10

I have to say this is one of the best comedic movies I’ve seen in a long time! The story is well thought out and showcased by the actors and actresses! The story connected all the dots from beginning to end  to give a movie ending that just kick ass! This is rare for a movie to keep the audience invested throughout the scenes yet the actors and actresses possessed their characters into a whole fun ordeal. I may have not liked some of the music in the background during important scenes but that can be overlooked. All in all, treat yourself to this movie and take a seat in this bus ride of ups and downs of fate.