Back to the Dawn Now Under Exhibition in PAX EAST from April 21 – 24

April 22, 2022– Independent development studio Metal Head Games has announced that their exciting prison break RPG, Back to the Dawn for Steam, will be under exhibition in PAX EAST from April 21 – 24.

Back to the Dawn is a RPG set in a maximum-security prison populated by animals. Embark on an adventure of stealth with your anthropomorphic inmates and collect evidence of the Boulderton City mayor’s corruption to ensure your way out of prison and a life of freedom.


In Back to the Dawn, you play as Thomas, a fox reporter who has been framed and wrongfully imprisoned with just 21-days to prove his innocence. Thomas must use all of his skills to uncover the truth or surrender to a lifetime behind bars.

Winning the best game of IndiePlay 2021, Back to the Dawn currently has a free playable demo available on Steam and is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese languages.

For this year’s PAX EAST Event, you will find “Back to the Dawn” in Booth – 15080, at HALL B. Visit our booth to play the game and win some free gifts.

  • Gift 1: Follow Twitter, and add the game into steam Wishlist, you can get a headband (blonde or black)  at our booth.
  •  Gift 2:  Join discord, get one badge at our booth.


  • Colourful cast of anthropomorphic cellmates
  • Follow the prison rules and or cause chaos
  • Join one of three prison gangs
  • Multiple options to consider when planning your escape route
  • Upgrade your four skill trees – Combat, Creativity, Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Available in English, Japanese, and Chinese

About Metal Head Games


Metal Head Games is an indie game studio with an unbreakable will and a mind that never rusts. Back To The Dawn is the studio’s first title, taking two years to develop with just three team members. The team hopes it will be an  unforgettable and thrilling adventure when it launches, planned for 2023.