Babyllon: Classic Rock is alive!

While coming across this artist I was very surprised. Polina the front woman of Babyllon was so tiny, but yet had and amazingly raspy and soulful voice. Very rugged yet clean, like a female Stevie Ray Voughn, with her being able to duo guitar and vocals. She carries so much energy within both realms of instruments it was unprecedented. For how electrifying she is behind the strings, she needs a little more experience on hitting those really big notes, but is on the right track to supersede the execution of this minor shortcoming. With such a soulful touch and phenomenal chemistry with the other band members, its insane Babyllon isn’t more well known. With Polina at the helm, she was commanding the energy with such confidence, it no wonder why this band has amazing synergy. In their performance I saw multiple times where Polina would break off and focus on a band member when they’re having a solo. Which kept the crowd very entertained and once again raised the energy of the set.

Polina of Babyllon & Grammy Winning producer Mike Esparza at Vetura, by Alex Peacock

I got to sit down with Polina after the show, and she had a couple things to say. After seeing the incredible song choice she chose to play that night, I asked her why she chose the music she plays out. She had told me, “Fighting the fear that people want to pocket me as a female singer.” She also described to me that music is a family affair and that her past 4 generations have all had music careers. “Music is something the bleeds in my veins,” she told me. But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses from the start. When Polina was young, she walked past a guitar class in her middle school and was “shook”. She tried to sign up but was told she was too late. So being as determined as she was, she did everything she could to pursue her dream.Last minute she found a ready, willing and able teacher to mentor her. That angel that reluctantly said yes, was Mr. Russell. She accredits her learning guitar to this godsend of a man. He gave her the opportunity to follow in her families footsteps, and she is making good use of the knowledge that got her started. At the age of 13, Polina knew she want to do this for a career. With a great understanding of music, knowing how to play multiple instruments, she is thriving.

In conclusion, this artist exceeded my expectations for how unknown they are. They have a couple of things to refine, but have a very solid foundation, and I believe time will be the deciding factor. The supporting members of the band need a bit more practice although. The backup singer fell flat a couple of times, and at times you could also hear slight imperfections from the bass player. But with Polina knowing as much as she does about music, that’ll be fixed over time as well. Overall I really enjoyed this set and hope to see them doing bigger and better things, because that’s what they deserve.