Babygirl by Joséphine Is Out Now

The vision of what you see from Josephine’s video for Babygirl is very artistic. You are drawn to her voice as she takes you on the trip of epiphany. The outfits she wears throughout the video just tells its own story as Josephine sends you to bar to order another drink. The piano brings this song to a classic tune such as from the 40’s or 50’s high class club or bar that you feel that your attending.

Check out Babygirl by Josephine below:

Watch here:

Press Release:

 “I took a trip to Israel late last year with a vision to connect with my roots and make art there. I was wandering around Jaffa (South Tel Aviv) one evening and happened across this Hotel – Inta Gay Hotel (yes it is a gay hotel!). I walked in and saw they were doing a live model sketching – this handsome man perched upon a gorgeous deep burgundy chaise lounge, string lights draped around him as guests drew him. Immediately I knew – this was BabyGirl. The entire hotel had this beautiful vintage Art Deco aesthetic that made me feel like I was coming home. The owners Kobi & Ziv are great friends to this day – they saw the vision and had a lot of faith in me. I’m proud to say that with no plan, no money and no connections I was able to fulfill this dream to create art in a place I love, with strangers who became family, showcasing Israeli creatives & highlighting their work.”

 The video generously compliments the song, “showing” a perfect correspondence to the tune’s “tell” and giving the listener a taste of her ambiance. Characterized by decadent scenes within a hotel, it details the fuzzy romance between her and the non-committed lover in the song. The viewer can almost smell the cigarettes in the bar scene, as Joséphine hands her man a ruby-red strawberry, which winds up in the final shot, but now with a bite taken out of it. Through this enticing song/video Joséphine clearly demonstrates her brand: that she is luxurious and not messing around, and that the music-world is her oyster.