Autoslide Introduces AutoSwing to Prevent Cross-Contamination in Bathrooms

In times when hygiene control is essential, there are preventative measures you can take to ensure that the risk of cross-contamination in homes and buildings are kept to a minimum. By installing touchless activation sensors and automating manual doors, you can provide door solutions that can help make an impact on preventing the future spread of bacteria and infections. Door automation is an essential part to increase hygiene control, minimize contamination, and separate indoor areas.

The AutoSwing, due to release in February 2021, is designed to automate swing doors. The system will integrate with smart locks, such as Kwikset’s Kevo Lock, to provide security and protection.

Another new system, designed to open lift and slide type doors, was created for the European style sliding patio doors and incorporates wireless charging technology to allow the door handle to move up and down.

In March of this year, we will be releasing our newly upgraded app for smartphones and tablets.  This new app is Bluetooth based and can be used in conjunction with a hub to allow access from outside the home or office. A new set of Alexa skills has also been created to allow the creation of routines in your home and voice activation for convenience.

Touchless Door Control Options

  • Handwave Sensors
  • Infrared Motion Sensors
  • Microwave Motion Sensors
  • Pressure Mat
  • Remote Control
  • Smartphone App