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Summertime Madness FULL GAME Review

I have to say after being able to play through the whole game, I am thoroughly impressed! Everything about this game was absolutely amazing and such an adventure. Playing the only gave you the tip of the game and as you progress you are able to see how much hard work and dedication was put […]

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Kovox Pitch Review

If you do not know I am very addicted to Rhythm games and I am happy to say that Kovox Pitch has made it to my list. Going through the Tutorial was very easy to understand the only problem that I had was that I could not change my keybinds. It does give you the option but it […]

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10 Second Ninja Review

First starting out the game does feel a little different from certain sidescrollers. You are a Ninja that has 10 secs to destroy all the enemies in site. You are equipped with a Sword and Shuriken’s to be able to speed your way to defeating the mech robots. You are graded by stars so the faster […]

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Forgotten Fields Review

Frostwood created something that I was not expecting. As you are first loading up Forgotten Fields you are introduced to our main character Sid who is a trying to create an adventure novel. The conflict of his story is that he does not know how create his novel and he has till the end of day to be […]

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Nova Drift Review

If you are a huge fan of ARPG than look no further. Nova Drift sucked me in with multiple upgrades, hordes of enemies, and unique gameplay. This game almost brought back when Geometry Dash came out until I progressed further into the game. There were so many upgrades that you could receive just by progressing […]

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Mayhem in Single Valley

Mayhem is Single Valley is a Puzzle, Adventure in a semi 3D world. It involves a pre-apocalyptic world that revolves around our main character Jack. When a mysterious stranger showed up with a tanker filled with radioactive waste and that was dumped in Single Valley’s water supply. Somehow, he was the one blamed for the whole […]

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Summertime Madness Review

Summertime Madness has to be one of the entertaining, challenging, and beautiful games I have played this year so far. This Puzzle platformer has you scratching your head to at times but at the same time deliver on such beautiful visuals as you’re playing. Even the music is very calm and relaxing that way you […]

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Apex Season 9 Review

As we all know by now Season 9 has hit and this introduced so many changes within the Apex BR world. We were also introduced to the newest Legend, Valkyie and how she is able to take to the skies and rain down multiple missiles and be able to catapult herself and her team around the map […]

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OMFG: One Million Fatal Guns Review

Right off the back this game does not have a story or anything that is too extravagant to call an amazing game. BUT it does has very fast paced gameplay and over 30 million different types of guns to be tested in this game. I know the title says 1 million but there is literally […]

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Memory Lost Demo Review

If you like Cyberpunk and fast paced 3rd person view directional shooter than this might be the game for you. Right off the back you are introduced into a world of Cyberpunk where you are able to transfer you self-conscious to pre-deceased individuals to survive a horde of military units. The only problem that I had at the […]