This week’s ATLAS update delivers a new ship, a new item, a new workstation, as well as limited-time holiday items to craft! Go visit the ship salesman now – he is now selling the latest ship, the Ramming Galley – on his island in the center of freeport grids. The Ramming Galley features rowers, 20 cannons, and a ram that deals bonus damage when ramming other ships.

ATLAS is an early access game with lots of changes happening as the game evolves! The full changelog can be found HERE.

Rowers, a new feature currently unique to the Ramming Galley, give a burst of speed to intercept and ram other ships.
New Ship: Ramming Galley
As the first ship using our new ships-for-gold system, the Ramming Galley (22,000 gold) will function a bit differently from previous ships. In addition to HP numbers changing, holes will appear in parts of the ship as they become damaged. As the damage worsens, the holes will grow, giving pirates a better visual indicator to determine how damaged each part of their ship is!

New Item: Patch Kit
Keep your Ramming Galley repaired with a new item: the Patch Kit! No longer will you need to haul planks and raw resources to ensure your ship stays in pristine condition! It can be crafted in the smithy after learning the shipwright skill in the seamanship tree.

New Workstation: Kiln
The kiln is a new workstation used for rapidly creating coal out of wood. Add wood to the kiln inventory and activate it, and it will burn one into coal every second. Kiln crafting is learned in the Secrets of Building skill in the construction tree, and can be done at the smithy.

ATLAS Winter Event
Two new hat skins – Santa Hat and Top Hat – are available for purchase from the Freeport’s cosmetic vendor. Visit the smithy to craft the seven new limited-time items available including a Christmas Tree, Festive Lights, Holiday Gift, Sleigh, Snowman, Stocking, and Wreath.

ATLAS pirates will stake their claim in this vast open world while endeavoring to construct custom ships, search for buried treasure, siege and conquer fortresses, plunder traveling merchants, then recruit a crew to join their powerful Armada and engage in the ultimate quest for fortune and glory! ATLAS has full cross-platform support, allowing Xbox and Steam PC players to battle together in the same gigantic world.

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